DECISION: Choosing to Live (2/3)

It is in Panel 2 that we see a shortened version of what many call “The Dark Night of the Soul.” When one feels as if every identifying characteristic one ever knew about themselves is gone. When this person couldn’t feel more pain without bursting; couldn’t feel more stripped without being minus a layer of skin; when everything that made you unique or real feels… gone. Is gone. What do you do then? You decide... You decide the answer to this choice given each human on the face of the Earth. It is written on our hearts in many different ways. For me, a scripture says it succinctly “I set before you LIFE and DEATH... Choose LIFE…” - Deut.30:19 As the thought of faith grows in the spirit of the devastated, she gains the strength to stand. Through pulling down the mountain of adversity that has faced her head on in this fight, she knows this truth -- “Be BOLD: Mighty forces will come to your aid.”