A LIFE RENEWED: Pain, Controlled (3/3)

Like Panel 1, Panel 3 is a myriad of symbols because of the myriad of stories; each being a different path one has taken to get to the same universal point – a renewed life. Not “restored” because the life is not the same as when the journey began. It is a new life adapted to a broken body and it is GOOD! The ultimate goal of pain care/pain management is when pain , though still present, is brought under control. Often that one factor then allows the rest of the body to breathe, heal, learn to dream and accomplish goals again. Though still attached to the “chain of pain,” here it lies subservient to its host. From the bottom up, Panel 3 asks the viewer to imagine these renewed lives from activities that bring joy & strength to the support groups that encourage and protect. The iconographic look speaks of the strongest renewed part of every successful life: the overcoming spirit that has – and will continue – to endure.